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Picture Information 25-Health-Niche-Blogs-A-Massive-481-MB-Download-with-Private-Label-Rights 25-Health-Niche-Blogs-A-Massive-481-MB-Download-with-Private-Label-Rights 25-Health-Niche-Blogs-A-Massive-481-MB-Download-with-Private-Label-Right - PTC Hosting & Site Sales

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Picture Information 25-Health-Niche-Blogs-A-Massive-481-MB-Download-with-Private-Label-Rights 25-Health-Niche-Blogs-A-Massive-481-MB-Download-with-Private-Label-Rights 25-Health-Niche-Blogs-A-Massive-481-MB-Download-with-Private-Label-Right

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A Massive 481 MB Download with Private Label Rights!

Everything You Need To Start Making
Money In The "Health" Niche!

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Introduce - 25 Health Niche Blogs PLR

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      anti aging treatment
bedwetting   chiropracticcare   diebetes   eczema
gastricbypass   hairloss   heartburn   hemorrhoids
humangrowthhormone   irritable bowel syndrome   kidney stone   muscle building
obsessive compulsive disorder   panic attacks   pregnancy   psoriasis
schizophrenia   skin care   sleep apnea   teeth whitening
yeast infection            
1. Acne 14. Irritable Bowel Syndrome
2. Allergies 15. Kidney Stone
3. Anti Aging Treatment 16. Muscle Building
4. Attention Deficit Disorder 17. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
5. Bedwetting 18. Panic Attacks
6. Chiropractic Care 19. Pregnancy
7. Diabetes 20. Psoriasis
8. Eczema 21. Schizophrenia
9. Gastric Bypass 22. Skin Care
10. Hair Loss 23. Sleep Apnea
11. Heartburn 24. Teeth Whitening
12. Hemorrhoids 25. Yeast Infection
13. Human Growth Hormone  

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So let's take a look what is included
with this complete package
  • Niche - I decided to build sites around the "Health" niche because no doubt it is one of the hottest markets around!
  • Design - (worth $100) All design works are unique and professionally designed by professionals. I have ensure that the designs are eye-catchy and effective in building up income of the sites... in fact the blog customization itself costs $150.
  • Amazon Store - There is a section with books related to the particular Health niche. You can add more books with few clicks from Amazon.
  • Custom Header - You will receive PSD files for easy editing.
  • Wordpress - These blogs are running on the internet's premier blogging platform.
  • Ebook Cover - You will receive PSD files and an ecoverscript for easy photoshop editing.
acne-ecover adhd-ecover allergies gastricbypass-ecover
heartburn-ecover hemorrhoids-ecover hgh-ecover ibs-ecover kidneystone-ecover
musclebuilding-ecover ocd-ecover panicattacks-ecover pregnancy-ecover psoriasis-ecover
schizophrenia-ecover skincare-ecover sleepapnea-ecover teethwhitening-ecover yeastinfection-ecover

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This is a digital product. You will receive a link to download after payment.

ITEM NOTE: This item does not include website installation, domain name or web-hosting.

25 Health Niche Blogs Package


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